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I asked the girl I love to go out, and answered me ...

T I see it only as a friend / a. This is the phrase that everyone dreads more than anything else. The terror of the friend zone is real. Being friend-zoned can create psychological problems and ruin friendships that you really cared about. Unfortunately, it is a fairly widespread phenomenon and it happens to everyone at least once in life, even to the hottest girls and boys around. The friend zone is that state of 'limbo' in which you find yourself and which prevents you from defining the type of relationship you have with a friend or friend: maybe your emotional state is clear, but that of your friend a little less.

The way to overcome a dubious situation is to try to take a step forward. But we must be sure to apply the right techniques and above all, we must be ready to get a heavy refusal. In any case, know that escort Florence will never refuse you if you are thinking of having an erotic adventure that will help you forget your friend.

to have an erotic adventure that

What techniques exist to avoid friend donation?

Always remember not to take rejection too much to heart, even though you have already been burned or if you are already emotionally involved. A winning weapon to test the waters is to use irony, to send veiled messages, which make your interest understood and which make you study the reactions of the person you would like as a partner. Try to put her/him to the test by talking about your hypothetical couple projects, communicate that you would like to find an understanding person by your side, and let him know your softer side so that he can get to know you from a point of view with which he did not have you never considered.

It may subconsciously snap something in the other person's head that brings them closer to you. However, it would be better not to overdo it with compliments and various things, to avoid seeming maniacs or obsessive. You could propose to your uncertain counterpart to accompany you during some special shopping, perhaps of unusual stuff, not common among friends: for some, it may be unusual to ask a girl to accompany him to choose shirts. It is something that may be intimate to some.

If, on the other hand, you are more daring, you could propose to go and buy sex toys together and see how she reacts (always if there is a certain basic intimacy). The goal is to stay together, get to know each other even more thoroughly, and understand if the other person is seriously attracted to us and if he sees himself projected into a relationship.

In the conquest of the counterpart, it is essential to use a specific language, which goes a little more on the pseudo-romantic rather than expressing oneself through terms such as '' friend '' or maybe belching / in his face.

You have to think of the friend as a conquest, that is, do what you would do to conquer any other person. So a minimum of elegance is essential. If you've never given her too much attention, don't start doing it all at once: rather, do what you already know she likes, in a subtle way, without being mushy. And if he has a temper that makes you pop, take a deep breath and calm down. The same is true if you start to tremble and can't hold back the secret anymore: everything in its time and you risk ruining your magnificent plan.

Some are more fearless and who like to use the riskiest method of all, that is direct dialogue: '' I like you. I want you. Let's get engaged '' and throws himself headlong into kissing her. It makes you anxious just to read it ... but with some, it works but only there is already a certain level of complicity (especially between friends) and, in fact, a lot of physical contacts.

sex toys together and see how she reacts

What if you have already been friend zoned but you can't get it out of your head?

At this point, you should take on your responsibilities and above all to evaluate well whether or not it is the case to be refused again. It is okay that there are also external factors affecting the other person's decision (family, gossip from other friends, perhaps the presence of a boyfriend ...) and if you think she says no because she is negatively influenced but under her, you feel something, it's one thing. But if you see her as totally disinterested, then respect yourself first and foremost and take care of your dignity. The truth is, he/she doesn't like you enough.

Even if you are seriously in love with a person, psychologically devastating yourself and then maybe somatizing is not the solution that will help you get what you want. The only positive thing you could do is take care of yourself with a view to improvement: go to the gym, eat better, study more ... but always be careful not to change to impress others. Even worse if the rejection begins to shape your character: it could cause traumas that persist over time.

So what to do if you feel friend zoned?

use a specific language

The first thing to do is to ask yourself if you are sure that you have been really friend-zoned or if it is just your impression. Maybe the other person hadn't even passed through the antechamber of the brain.

First of all, you should change your approach to life and improve your mindset. Not all evil comes to harm, so walking away will allow you to see things from another perspective and maybe you will understand that that person was actually toxic. Sometimes the addiction is difficult to notice from an internal situation. If in addition to the damage you also find yourself with a mockery, the humiliation requires a counterattack: make the other person understand what it means to be ignored. Maybe she's looking for attention, and your distance could destabilize her. It is not excluded that she could become jealous.

In conclusion

If you behave like friends, others will see you as friends. If you want to avoid the friend zone, don't put yourself in a position to enter it. Maybe time will give you some answers and the other person will go to confession. If, on the other hand, you have confirmation that the other person doesn't like you ... Patience! The world does not end there. Remain men and women with counter-balls. Not everyone has the balls to declare themselves. At the base of everything, there is a deeper moral: the friend zone presents a challenge and the victory does not consist in conquering someone, but in being able to overcome one's limits and fears.