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Why are sin quarters called 'Red Light'?

A red light district is a geographical place where sex tourism prevails. While many of us prefer not to discuss our private lives in public, the red light district and the broader sex tourism industry are worth millions of dollars to the global economy.

Have you ever wondered what this particular etymology is due to and if there are similar places in Italy when you are in the mood for a Porta Venezia escort?

Following the crowd does not always bring satisfaction: fortunately, there are also alternative (and why not, romantic) ways to have fun as a couple.

Porta Venezia Red Lights

The symbol of the lantern

The name "red light district" is thought to have been coined by the first railway workers. When they got off the train, the young men carried red lighted lanterns so that the crew caller could find them in an emergency. When the men of the crew passed by the brothels to visit the women, these lanterns were left outside and sometimes brought inside to be placed in a window.

Although commonly accepted, not everyone is sure that this is the correct derivation of the term. The red lanterns, in fact, we're used to representing a saloon or a barber's shop as well as a brothel. On the other hand, the lit red lantern resting peacefully outside a generic structure could easily be interpreted as a subtle advertisement of what was for sale inside.

Which cities in Italy have a red light district?

Nobody. In the 1950s, a contentious law was instituted that legalized prostitution but made the exploitation of prostitutes and brothels illegal. So it is a common thing to find women selling their bodies on busy highways, preferably outside the city, as otherwise the locals will object and the police will arrest them en masse for some lewd conduct on an indictment in a public place, then he will let them go after a day or so because there is no reason to imprison them. Or, to win the support of religious masses, some mayors can instruct the municipal police to stop, identify and publish a list of their consumers.

Really exciting alternatives to strip clubs

Would you like to spend some time in an Italian strip club full of escorts and beautiful women? Italy is a wonderful country and the Italian people are famous for their cheerfulness, which is felt in all their cities. People talk, drink, and have fun wherever they go.

However, there are several ways to live out of the ordinary experiences in Italy: for example, Venice hosts numerous Masked Fairs or luxury themed events on yachts or hotels of the highest level, where you can meet refined and stimulating escorts.

In the solemn atmosphere of the hotel, you could appreciate a wide range of exceptional objects capable of stimulating everyone's imagination. Trendy jewelry, rich fabrics, interesting supercars, and furnishings for the homes of wealthy people or nabobs.

Why choose Venice

Venice is the place where space and time lose their boundary meaning, and the lagoon is transformed into an ocean without banks. The synthesis par excellence of a window on the globe. To awaken the senses.

The roar of an engine, the hull of a boat, the knots of a tie, the heel of a shoe, the softness of a fabric, the complexity of a watch, and the purity of a sound are all examples of perfection.

The best workmanship and the most complex technology, both capable of arousing respect for their apparent simplicity, are examples of perfection.

refined and stimulating escorts

Experiencing Escort Sushi in Italy.

For the Japanese, the sushi escort, or nyotaimori , the art of exhibiting the female body, has become more popular in the United States and, more recently, in Italy.

In Rome, the capital city of Italy, with a population of about 5 million people, a famous restaurant has launched a restaurant in Margutta in the historic center, Sushi and Martini Bar, where sushi is served on the naked bodies of splendid semi-escorts , escort, of great beauty and classy models .

Only seaweed, flowers and sushi, of course. The escort-model is still and is used by customers as a dish from which it is inevitable to fish with chopsticks at meals, for a total fee of 100 euros per hour.

However, if you take the liberty of making lewd comments, the party ends instantly.

Naked sushi first appeared in the United States about 10 years ago, although it was initially limited to major cities like New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and Chicago, as well as Sydney and Tokyo.

For those who love the comfort zone

It has recently become a surprising phenomenon in major Italian cities such as Rome, Milan, Florence, Naples and Bologna. Luxurious buildings in the heart of these cities are used for private meetings between wealthy clients and fabulous escorts, who increasingly use these top selection formulas to use these Arab nabob apartments, rather than the old hotel formula, albeit 5-star, but always a bit reserved.

In Rome these characteristics are now close to the assault of the residence, since you book on the internet, with a credit card, and all in a discreet manner . After booking, you will receive an email with a private code to be used upon your arrival in front of the building.

How the Luxury Suites work

By typing a code to activate an intercom outside the palace, as if by magic, the door of wonders opens, allowing you to easily enter their home.

These formulations are obviously extremely attractive to gorgeous top grade escorts and luxury escorts.

Everything is annoying enough for hotels in the city , for obvious reasons. In fact, the most popular hotels are rushing to reduce room rates and attract customers.

The best escorts and luxury escorts are all provided with the best addresses of these resort-relais to enhance the stays of their wealthier clients . You can contact the addresses by sending an email.