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What are Escorts?

What are Escorts?

The escorts are women who provide intimate or business services to financially generous gentlemen.

Who are the escorts?

 They are women who, as a rule, take great care of their physical appearance but who are also educated, educated, and elegant, constantly investing in their image. Some even opt for some cosmetic operations to be as attractive as possible to the financially powerful gentlemen.

In general, escorts don't have a "fish" to target them, but escorts are those independent women who want to do this job. So the escorts are not prostitutes.

Like lady mates, escorts offer the same amount of service: they offer companionship to men who are looking for adventure and who want a beautiful woman with them, but they can sleep with for a crazy sex game. Obviously, these services are paid.

In recent years, more and more young women are looking to become escort company women. Why do they want it? Because it's a well-paying job because it's easy to get clients if you have a nice look and a little smart.

This job, which most women practice as a second job, basically has a job and a career is quite profitable and far more select than any prostitute who recruits her clients on the street.

An escort from Rome, for example, selects her clients, has an online profile, can choose who she wants to meet or not. For added security, escorts usually work through escort agencies.

Is the escort job legal or not?

 As long as no payment is required in exchange for sexual services, this work is legal. However, prostitution is a violation in most countries, including Italy, and is modified according to the laws in force, depending on its severity and depending on the area in which it is practiced.

Why do women choose the escort job?

There are various reasons why a woman chooses an escort job in Italy. Some for extra income, others simply because they love to travel and are just looking for potential financial clients to provide them with travel to their desired destinations. To reach the desired clients, most escorts opt for online promotion through escort agencies. Of course, to attract the desired customers, they constantly invest in the look, the clothes, the clothes they use to meet customers, and even in professional photo sessions.

A very important aspect of this industry is the fact that you don't necessarily have to be beautiful to be a successful escort. Beauty is very subjective and sometimes it translates rather through intelligence. Being a successful escort means establishing a good connection with clients and allowing them the life they desire. It is important that in this escort job you do not sacrifice your mind and body only to get the income you want, in the short, medium, or long term, depending on the involvement, pleasure, and need.