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Sex and New Year 2021: what to do and do not to start the New Year with the bang

Spending the pre-New Year Christmas celebrations with your partner is a MUST for any couple on the face of the Earth, but after days of gorging and family reunions, stress may begin to set in, negatively affecting the final holiday of the year. The desire to have sex is there (perhaps with an escort from Turin, why not) but between saying and doing, there is a generous home-cooked meal with a bottle of wine that makes it difficult to perform on both sides...

However, it is a pity that sex, an excellent emotional and physical stimulator, is left behind during such a particular day: "Sex on New Year's Eve... Sex all year round!'' Someone says.

For this reason, today we will recommend some sexual positions to be implemented for New Year's Eve to make the atmosphere suitable for a hot night, without neglecting what, instead, should be avoided in order not to ruin it.

Sex on New Years ... Sex all year round

New Year's must-haves

This special day encourages a certain type of behavior, mostly transgressive, especially after the toast that makes you more cheerful and tipsy. Anticipated by dances with soft lights in the rooms where you let yourself go, with well-finished and sensual clothing, the classic situation is created in which you invite yourself to let yourself go.

Eating aphrodisiac foods, containing spices such as chili peppers, helps engage partners in a spiral of relaxation and sensual pleasure. Alcohol helps to warm up and get rid of inhibitions, but we must always be careful to regulate its consumption, since exceeding a certain amount it is easy to encounter erection difficulties. This also applies to women, in some cases, excessive drinking can amplify anxieties and fears.

The choice of lingerie can be a great trigger from a sexual point of view. If done with great attention, it stimulates not only sexual fantasies but also the desire to be desired during the romantic New Year's meeting with your partner.

If you want to wear comfortable panties before the night, make sure you always carry a spare pair of sexy panties in your bag. Taken by the euphoria of the celebration, you can even think about indulging in sexual intercourse without thinking too much about the aftermath. It is a night in which transgression is chosen without too many moralisms, and those who do not have a partner can also venture into casual relationships.

Here are some positions to have fun with during our special New Years Eve:

1 Standing position

Like in the movies, where lovers have wet sex in the shower. This fantasy could come true in no time! You just need to know how to master this move, leaning against a wall and holding on to the edges for the grip. Quite a bold move, so a great choice to start a new year.

2 Cowgirl position

This position is a move appreciated by men and all those women who want to dominate their partner, having the pleasure of dominating. Just sit on your partner, to direct sex towards your pleasure and make it clear who is really in charge.

3 The position of the plow

The undoubtedly intense position can be pleasant for both partners. Similar to a missionary style, it gives the feeling of being connected to one's bed partner. The woman must keep herself on her elbows as she lifts her hips and thighs. The legs must be stretched behind her during the penetration. The woman's backrests comfortably on the bed and the man, crouched on the ground, must position the member on the horizontal axis of the vagina.

4 Position of the chair

Ever tried to have sex on a chair? It could become your favorite position. It can be very hot and stimulate pleasure because you are inevitably forced to seduce your partner with a seductive dance and then turn it into a steamy session. Here is a good way to be creative!

5 Position of the spoon

 This position is quite common, but not very easy to apply when having quickies. Since the New Year is meant to be a celebration of joy and relaxation, there is more time to enjoy things in peace. Nervously mixing is a great feeling and also a great way to last longer in bed as you don't waste too much energy.

Sexual mistakes to avoid in the new year

it is better to do Sex and New Year 2021

As the year 2020 draws to a close, couples have been reflecting on how the year has unfolded for them, in terms of relationships. Sex is an essential part of the couple's routine, but then many fail to make the most of it. Unfortunately, some couples end up making crucial mistakes in their sex life, leading to disastrous results in their intimacy. That said, here are a couple of mistakes couples should leave behind to start over in the following year:

1 Insufficient foreplay

Sometimes the routine makes us take some things for granted, anticipating the final act of sex without thinking that we should enjoy the journey, not the destination. A golden rule of sex is to value foreplay. Sensual stimulation makes it much more enjoyable, especially for men who need foreplay to stimulate them before reaching the grand finale. So, more foreplay, less rush for this new year.

2 To say "I love you" or not?

These three words make up one of the most powerful phrases a person can communicate to their partner; words with enormous meaning when spoken during sex, causing emotional tension to increase, but which may be unpleasant to some in the process. Try to be in the moment and speak words of truth to your partner only if you know they will appreciate it.

3 Don't slow down with porn

Porn addiction is the stigma between couples, in case the partners are heavily obsessed with it. Due to cybersex, many have complained of erectile dysfunction, decreased libido, and premature ejaculation. This is precisely why couples have faced problems in their sex life, so one thing not to do during the holidays is gorging on porn, as it could get you hooked at the time of the real action.

4 Don't fantasize too much

Couples are convinced that great passion lasts forever and that they will always remain aroused, but what they need to understand is that in real life, the passion fades, as does love. So instead of demanding and idealizing your partner, it is better to have realistic sex, made up of communication and meeting points.