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How to understand if a newly meta-known girl is flirting?

If you are reading this article it is because you are wondering if a girl you just met was flirting with you or if it was just a pleasant meeting between friendly people. Interpreting the various verbal and para verbal messages that an individual tries to convey to us is not easy, and sometimes we risk exchanging a shy smile for something bigger, causing us to go astray. Some girls, or even mature women as VIP escorts, even try to hide the fact that you may be a potential partner to them, although there are always some telltale signs that may let you know what she thinks. This article will tell you about some of the flirting signs that girls use, including the unconscious cues that communicate involuntarily through body language. Always keep in mind, though, that not all girls are the same and that these tips are pretty general.

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  1. Visual contact.

 If while she is on the other side of the room and you notice that she is constantly turning towards you, even if you are in a group, and as soon as you meet her gaze she quickly looks away, it is likely that she is interested in you and that she is. trying to get your attention.

What to do in these cases? Smile, stay in control through solid eye contact, and maybe give her a nod to let her know that you are there.

  1. The joke

If the girl in question loves making jokes about you, it's a covert way of flirting. The light and somewhat cheeky scorn allow her to open up and approach more easily. So if she smiles and laughs as she playfully teases you about something you said or did, that's a good sign.

In this case, it would be good to respond to her provocation by teasing her without being too offensive.

  1. Physical contact

how often does it touch you? How does he do it? Does he touch your arm gently, feebly grab your hands, and maybe caress your back while he smiles? This is an unmistakable signal that he wants to touch you and wants to feel your body on his.

  1. The smile

As we have already seen from the previous points, the smile tells a lot about how you feel in a specific situation, because it communicates positivity and is the signal that the girl wants you to continue telling her the anecdote you started sharing with her or why she wants me to start asking her a little about her, starting a stimulating conversation. Even if you're not the top speaker of the year, when you notice her constantly smiling, it's because she likes you. This is because when a person is taken by another, something called a `` halo effect '' comes into motion that makes anyone appear perfect in the eyes of the person concerned.

  1. Nicknames

If she is already familiar with giving you nicknames, it's a sweet way to strengthen your connection. If everyone calls you '' Jack '' instead of Giacomo, if she does it too, it probably means nothing, but if she is the one who comes up with a nickname, she is 100% flirting.

  1. He asks you a lot of questions

It's not wanting to be nosy, but of course, if he wants to know everything about you it's because he'd like to carry on with your relationship, even if it doesn't exist at the moment. You may not notice that he is asking you so many questions, so you should pay attention to us if you are looking for a flirting indicator.

  1. He bites his lip

A woman who does this wants to draw your attention to her mouth, subtly letting you know that she would like to be kissed. You have to be very careful with this signal as if you fail to take advantage of the situation it could be a wasted opportunity!

  1. Mirroring

This English term means how a person is mirroring your body language. This is because when we are focused on someone, we naturally react in the same way as the person we are focusing on. If you quickly turn to the right because you saw a car you knew go by and she will do the same for no obvious reason, you will be able to witness a live mirroring action. It is very subtle but possible to pick up if you train.

8. He admits you into his living space

If you have managed to break through her comfort zone, perhaps sitting next to her with some hints of body contact, it means that she has allowed you to be in her personal space and that she likes it. If the opposite happens, however, rest assured that you still have a long way to go to contest it.

  1. It gives you opportunities

`` I'm going to have a drink, but I'm alone '' is a phrase that does not denote a lack of self-confidence because she is afraid of being alone around, but is rather a request to be accompanied by you, allowing you to pass of time together. He could transform this sentence in a thousand other ways and a thousand other contexts, so you have to be quick to understand what he wants from you and above all know how to organize your time and set priorities. Let's say that `` sorry but I have to go because my friend is waiting for me at the station '' is not a phrase that would help much.

  1. She likes to be watched
She likes to be watched

She shows her body in a veiled way, she wants you to keep an eye on her and admire her when she walks when she gets up when she talks to others, she wants you to notice her dress, her hairstyle and she wants to charm you with her curves, there is nothing more exciting for a woman than being told that she is beautiful. Remember that she too would like to be seduced, not just seduce you. This is a strong sign!

In conclusion

Don't worry if your conversation ends earlier or doesn't respond immediately when texting after exchanging phone numbers. There are many subtle techniques women apply to flirt that are sometimes hard to decode and feel like they are unwanted when they are quite the opposite. Live and through the chat are two different universes, and if you want to know how he thinks about you, it is always worthwhile to deal with them live. Unconscious reactions never lie!