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How to be successful in anal sex

How to be successful in anal sex


Anal sex is a taboo subject for most couples and most women in general. Many of them don't want those around them to know that they like to be volcanic in the bedroom or that they have hidden fetishes, like anal sex.

How can you make an anal sex game, especially in the beginning, a success? An escort from Bologna offers us some useful tips on how to make sexual intercourse with your life partner as pleasant as possible.

First of all, the escort from Bologna recommends that you discuss everything with your life partner and share any ideas about anal sex before practicing it. You can also spend a few weeks just trying to play an anal sex game which is a total failure.

Not everyone can have anal sex. For such a successful meeting, it takes mutual trust and interest from both of you, whether you want to do it.

The escort from Bologna claims that, in general, women are terrified of the idea of anal sex. But she agrees to do so only out of fear that her life partner might go to another woman for such an experience. But after trying, anal sex becomes a real pleasure for the couple.

For many people, anal sex is the ultimate taboo, while others just love it. Others haven't tried, but they would be curious to, and some are drawn to this idea, precisely because it is a mysterious subject.

However, many women have a question, to which the Bologna escort has the answer from her own experience: does anal sex hurt? Normally, anal sex shouldn't hurt. But if you do it wrong, it can hurt. But with enough lube and enough patience, the anal sex game may be the best of your life.

Does anal sex offer the same pleasure as vaginal sex? The escort from Bologna claims that anal sex is even more enjoyable than normal sex because the rectum is full of nerve endings that stimulate the brain, which gives pleasant signals.

Should a condom be used during anal sex? Even if you know that your partner does not suffer from any disease, it is recommended to use a condom, as many bacteria can damage the penis.

How to prepare each other for anal sex?

The escort from Bologna advises couples who want to try this experience to be patient. Preparing the anus is the hardest part, which is why a woman's relaxation is especially important. Then, start relaxing with a well-lubricated finger or a thin (thinner than the penis) dildo. Slowly, start moving back and forth, giving your anus time to adjust to the activity.

What position should you have for anal sex? Especially in the first experience, the position is extremely important. Some women prefer the missionary position, others the goat position, while some prefer to sit on top to feel in control. Regardless of the situation, the escort from Bologna advises the man to leave this decision to the woman, so that she feels as relaxed and comfortable as possible.