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How much does an escort cost?

How much does an escort cost?


How much does an escort cost, not all unwashed on the street corner? It is the question that crosses the minds of many men who would like a real sexual adventure. They also know that if you want to fuck something, you need money first. Friends say it and then experiment on their skin.

How much money do you need to go to an escort to fuck her? Well, the amounts can vary greatly, depending on your location, age, the desired type of sex, individual preferences, and time. For example, an escort from Padua may cost less than an escort from Milan or less than an escort from Florence.

Before finding out how much escort costs, it would be good to consider some useful tips and rules for using an escort, such as:

- Smaller city, greater demand for escorts. At the same time, the smaller the city, the higher the prices.

- The prices for escorts moving to another location may be higher. Also, the prices of an escort providing services in an apartment may be lower than the prices of one having sex in a rented hotel room.

- If the escort believes that the client is a beginner, ashamed, there is a chance that he will ask for a higher price, because he wagers that you don't know the market.

Another useful tip is to make sure that you are powerful enough when you go on the escort. For example, you can vitaminize yourself with energizers or energy pills. Otherwise, with the experience of an escort, you could be ready in 10 minutes and feel frustrated that you only paid for sex for 10 minutes.

Where do you find an escort? A simple Internet search helps you find the right whore, whether you prefer blonde, brunette, red, short, tall, thin, or fat.

How risky is it to fuck an escort? The risk is rather small if all precautions are taken. For example, it is very important to use a condom and take a shower before contacting the supply. Also, the stock must have minimal conditions of hygiene and cleanliness, to have a clean and tidy appearance.

Most men are not afraid of having sex with an escort, but rather afraid of the prejudices of society. Initially, they seem disgusted if they discuss the idea of contacting an escort, but in reality, ey would like to spend a few hours in the company of one. For this reason, most men hide it, for having contacted and fucked an escort or a whore for pure pleasure or curiosity.

Finally, if you are curious or have experience in contacting an escort , it is good to know initially how much an escort costs . When we refer to the good escort , we understand all the criteria that we would like to have, from communication, from physical appearance, from the sexual play itself, from the approach, from the desired position, and from the rate provided.